Plumbing Crimping Tool 15mm and free fittings

Plumbing - 15mm Crimping Tool for PB pipes??
3 Year Warranty.??

This price includes one Crimping Tool for 15mm??
with free fittings as below??
1) 1X 15mm Elbow (#1)??
2) 3 x 15mm Coupling (#4)??
3) 2 x 15mm End cap (#17)??
4) 1x 15mm Tee (#7)??
5) two PB pipes (150mm x 2)??

International size it can be used any fittings for 15mm.??

Sizes Diameter:??
15mm(AL, Copper Tube OD 19.05mm) => crimped size 17.5mm.??
Length: 370mm.??
Width: 120mm.??
Weight: 1.16kg.??
Case size: W 480mm x D 60mm x H 215mm??