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[72] Plumbing Crimping Tool 20mm

$125.50 NZD
Tax included.

Product description

Plumbing - 20mm Crimping Tool
3 Year Warranty.

This auction is one Crimping Tool for 20mm
with a tool case, including fittings.
International size it can be used for 20mm PB pipe fittings.
includes the free fittings as below
1) 2X 20mm end caps
2) 1x 20mm Coupling
3) 20mm pipe (150mm long)

Sizes Diameter:
20mm(AL, Copper Tube OD 25.40mm) => crimped size 23.7mm.
Length: 395mm.
Weight: 1.24kg.

Case size: W 480mm x D 60mm x H 215mm
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[72] Plumbing Crimping Tool 20mm

$125.50 NZD

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